From the Principal's Desk

We have a vision to build a excellent centre of Technical Education couple with industrial interaction. This will be structured with the academic excellence that the institution has set for itself. The institute organises programs that highlight the fundamental values in life directing its student to achieve excellence in their fields the campus extends career building opportunities to student every year highly qualified and well experienced faculty mould and mentor the student for prospective careers we have a very dedicated group of faculty and staff who work together to spread the quality knowledge then staff members bring an immense amount of talent resources and experience to the table for benefit of VBCP. As a part co-curricular and extracurricular activities we conduct state level and inter college level seminars and workshops encourages students to participate in technical paper presentation contest organised lecture by experts from leading Industries etc VBCP aims at not only education the young to be successful pharmacist and entrepreneurs but also to turn out socially responsible human beings of tomorrow I convey my best wishes to all the students and their parents for a successful future and good education.

Dr. S. D. Pande

( Principal, V.B.C.O.P. Amravati )