Diploma in Pharmacy

Vidyabharati College of Pharmacy, is committed to promote the health and well being of society by producing competent, skilled and motivated pharmacist.


  1. To develop as a centre for quality pharmacy education to produce competent pharmacy diploma holders to be a part of health care system to serve the society.


  1. M 1 : Standard learning environment
    • To produce pharmacy diploma holders with proficient psychomotor and cognitive skills by providing standard learning environment and facilities.
  2. M 2 : Upholding human values
    • To inculcate strong ethical values and good professional behaviour, so as to adapt and absorb emerging changes in the field of pharmacy profession.
  3. M 3 : Entrepreneur traits
    • To foster all round development and leadership qualities to accelerate entrepreneur traits in the budding pharmacists.
  4. M 4 : Industry Institute Interaction
    • To establish Industry institute interaction to create lifelong learners to serve the society.

Programme Education Objectives (PEOs)

  1. PEO 1 : • To produce pharmacy diploma holders able to discharge the responsibilities of pharmacist with adequate understanding of supportive areas connected to the health care system.
  2. PEO 2 : • To inculcate leadership quality with planning ability and effective oral and written communication skills.
  3. PEO 3 : • To encourage ethical principles and professional values to develop pharmacists with professional identity for identity for serving the society.
  4. PEO 4 : • To encourage the students for lifelong learning skills and entrepreneurship ability.