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Vidyabharti College of Pharmacy

Vidyabharati College of Pharmacy was established in 1983 under the meticulous dynamic foresight and the most potential leadership and vision of Honourable Dr. D.R. Shekhawat, Founder of Vidyabharati Shaikshanik Mandal After successfully launching D.Pharm. Course. 

He foresighted the need for good pharmacy institution in the jurisdiction of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University (formerly Amravati University) which did not have a single pharmacy degree college in Amravati City . He stressed upon and recognised the need, only to implement his decision withiout a lapse of time Vidyabharati College of Pharmacy became one of pioneer Pharmacy College in Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University and over the time took a leap forward on the path of rapid progress to be looked upon as an ideal centre for pharmacy education.

Vidyabharati College of Pharmacy is one of the reputed pharmaceutical institutions of Vidarbha, which is located in the elite area of camp, Amravati. It has ten well equipped laboratories a Computer Centre, a rich, Digital Library, supported by a spacious reading Room a beautiful open campus with vast playground and hostel facilities for boys and girls. 

It is a matter of great pride that the parent institution "Vidya Bharati Shaikshanik Mandal", Amravati was honoured with the Maharasthtra State Government Award in 2001 in appreciation of its examplary contributions in the field of education and social service. The award was presented to Dr. D.R. Shekhwat by the Hon'ble Chief Minister Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh at a glittering ceremoney on the 5th september 2001. This college has gained recognisiton as an important instituition in the field of education and research. Apart from imparting professional education this institutions has been extending available expertise to various consultancy works. The campus has retained and increased its green cover, rich in flora.

Founder, Dr. Devisingh R.Shekhawat's Message

Vidyabharati Shaikshanik Mandal, Amravati was established in 1969 by Dr. D .R. Shekhawat with a wider objective of contributing to intellectual awakening and socio-cultural transformation in Vidarbha region through an institutional network. Under the imaginative, dynamic and socially the committed leadership of founder Dr. D.R. Shekhawat, V.B.S.M. has made a mile stone in the field of education during a short span of 40 years. The Govt. of Maharashtra has awarded the certificate of Best Educational Society to this Mandal in the year 2001-2002 for outstanding Educational & Social activities. The Mission of the Society is "To impart quality education to make the students Competent, Committed and Complete human beings with a spirit to serve the nation and the humanities as a whole".

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Nurturing Professional Aspirants with Ethical values for Societal Development.


Evolving the Institution into center of Academic for pharmacy profession by providing student centered teaching learning process(es) with state-of-art Infrastructure and Professional values to cater the need of society.

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